Establishing your day-to-day social media brand as a writer for 2016

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Even though the Internet receives a lot of flak for being time consumptive and separatist – the affirmation epidemic is good medicine. Writers and readers desire to cheer one another up. Trolls of the 2000’s are no longer tolerated. Today, social networking involves sharing innovations, attractions, worldviews and relevant information. How is this achieved? Through writing and reading. The Internet is a writer’s and reader’s universe because every comment, blog, post, reply is through the written word, which is developed and read.

Thankfully, random acts of kindness are part and participle of this new social paradigm ~ all writers need to establish their day-to-day social media brand in 2016 while participating in the social phenomenon.

Isn’t it about time?
So here we are, in 2016. Of course, there is still turmoil in the world. There are still maniacs wanting to be heard in all the worst ways but what the…

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